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St Peter's Holy Apostolic Church | In God We Trust

The Passover Convention April 2019. Be Part of the Feast

Many are saved in St Peter's Holy Apostolic Church, through believing in the Lord Jesus Christ and in the power of the Holy Spirit. Jesus Christ bore the sin of many. Kings will come to understand. He has done what no other king has ever done. He comes now in the gospel to the nations as the One Who left His throne for a humiliation we do not impose on mass murderers. Yet He was the exalted One and He will be exalted because He poured out His life unto death.

Those who truly come to understand will bow in eternal gratitude. He will be "raised and lifted up and highly exalted" just as the Father said. St Peters Holy Apostolic Church is one of the truly ministry of Christ. I am grieved that so many today, present Christ as the fixer of all our little cuts and bruises, when He is first the Redeemer from sin by His blood. No blessing and no treasure compares to being redeemed.

We must follow our Saviour who was humiliated, who suffered injustice, who did not complain of the wrongs done to Him, and who was satisfied with the vindication that would come from God. This is part of our calling too, since we are commanded to bear our cross.

It is a terrible sin to neglect the cross. Many today think it is a good strategy to skirt around the edges of the gospel and avoid its shocking yet glorious core. They call it being "relevant". Our need today is to be Biblical and Spiritual before our Lord Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ is the Servant Isaiah has spoken of - rejected, crucified and rose to glory with nations now coming to faith in Him. Repent today, its never too late and bow too and you will find in Him, the Sin-Bearer, forgiveness and acceptance. Many still hide their face from Him, and more and more find majesty in Him. To have God's great Servant as Saviour is to be saved from the wrath that fell on Him; to reject Him is to face God's justice forever by you.

I invite you all, to our 13th April 2019,'Passover Convention' in Wythenshawe, Manchester; start time is 20:00hrs – 06:00hrs.

In Jesus Christ, we pray for your salvation and wisdom & you are all welcome. By the grace of God let’s meet there and show the devil the door!!! May God bless you now and forever, Amen.

In Jesus Christ

Baba Archbishop