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God's Word in the Holy Bible is no ordinary book. It is powerful when spoken and read. It is the revelation that God gave, authenticated, and now providentially preserves, so that men and women can learn the need and means of salvation. It is powerful (Heb. 4:12)! When we read it (Eph. 3:4), we will understand better God’s great purpose of salvation.

When the Lord appeared to Paul on the road to Damascus, he obviously had a special purpose. It was, indeed, a unique situation. Paul’s experience on the Damascus road does show us several things. It is one of the post-resurrection appearances, being the only reasonable explanation for the conversion of such a hostile persecutor of Christianity. Likewise, it was Paul’s qualification to be an apostle.

The conversion of Paul also demonstrates that the preaching of the word is God’s chosen method for the communication of the gospel of salvation (1 Cor. 1:21). If you are waiting for a "Damascus road experience," open your New Testament and listen to the risen Lord. There it will be told to you what you need to do.

Paul's experience proves that he saw Jesus Christ, the risen Savior. That is what it proves. It is interesting that Paul never appealed to his Damascus road vision to demonstrate that God speaks directly to people, apart from the Word. With consistency, the apostle refers to the word of Christ as the means by which faith is developed (Rom. 10:17; Eph. 6:17).

For further information in regards to the road to salvation contact the following servants of God:


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Overseer K.Inasho: +263772884495

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Secretary General Chingware: +263773582211



Mrs Mwedzi: +46737539608 or +46764321964

United Kingdom

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14:00hrs-18:00hrs every Saturday

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Greater Manchester


Mr V.Nyaruwanga: +447592017712
Ms J.Sofa: +447877713884

St Andrews Methodist Church, Brownley Road, Woodhouse Park, Wythenshawe, Manchester, M22 0DW.

Greater London


Mr W.Chisambara: +447450320847
Ms J.Matemera: +447572974663

St Andrews Methodist Church, Aycliffe Road, Hertfordshire, WD6 4HB.



Mr V.Usayi: +447863799654
Sister Konie: +447774786494

Methodist Church, ELM Hall, L18 1EF.

Countrywide Contact:

Mrs K.J.Chinner (Communications Director): +447950454078.

In Jesus Christ!