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St Peter's Holy Apostolic Church | In God We Trust

Spiritual Leadership

Foundation of the Ministry

Archbishop S.Rukani is the founding Apostle of St Peter's Holy Apostolic Church and is happily married to Idah. Their marriage took place on the 27th of April 1996 at St Paul's United Methodist Church in Mbare, Harare. God has blessed them with three children (Dealane-1996, Declane-2003 and Dephine-2006). St Peter's Holy Apostolic Church has enjoyed its success through the support of Idah Rukani the mother of the church. Idah is a very loyal servant of God who works diligently for the advancement of our Ministry. She is a prophet and a personal advisor to the Archbishop. She works industriously in making sure all the servants of God are properly dressed by facilitating garments. She is very assertive and creative as she has provided the branches with material and equipment for use from the proceeds of garment sales.

Archbishop and wife are servants of God, committed to spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ to all people, over the literally changing world, Mark 16 vs.16 -18. He listened and answered God's call and received the vision for the Ministry in 1995 and has since led the Ministry from a humble beginning into a world-wide Ministry of Apostles' at heart willing to serve God. Archbishop Rukani is a man filled with a vision to fulfill the mission set for the church and has heart for the poor. The servant of God has inspired his followers at international level and he is a man of great wisdom as the Holy Spirit leads the Ministry into salvation. Archbishop Rukani is a God gifted spiritual leader with great qualities, integrity and compassion.

The Archbishop and his wife tirelessly work for the Church and many people have been and are still being blessed, saved, healed and delivered as these humble servants of God carefully work for the advancement of God's Ministry to fulfill the promise, deliverance and salvation for all servants that God promised.

Spiritual Management

Good leadership is achieved by working as a team and that's our primary goal to get God’s work done by engaging committed individuals, generally by organising and directing their activities on the job through the power of the Holy Spirit. We therefore manage the affairs of the Church, define, plan, guide, assist, promote, encourage and strengthen individual members as they strive to grow spiritually. The primary purpose of the Church is the same as it was for God's people from the beginning of time. Jesus clearly summed up all the commandments of the law and all the preaching of the prophets with a small but powerful word: love.

Jesus' first commandment in Matthew 22:37 reiterated what was already commanded to His people back in Deuteronomy 6:5 - "Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind/strength." All that you are and all that you have is to be poured into loving God.

God's purposes have not changed in St Peters. "This is the message you heard from the beginning: We should love one another" 1 John 3:11 "And he has given us this command: Whoever loves God must also love his brother" 1 John 4:21 Jesus said that by such love "all men will know you are my disciples" John 13:43-35.

The noble women in the Church

The Visionary Women

What has changed is that a Christian has greater motivation, a greater power, and a greater confidence "to live a life of love" as commanded in Ephesians 5:1-2, than those in previous ages.

Before ascending into heaven, Jesus promised His disciples the Holy Spirit who would come and permanently dwell within them. The Spirit always existed and always worked but in the Old Testament time He came on people temporarily as the occasion required doing God’s work. As we live by the Spirit within us, we will "not gratify the desires of the sinful nature" but rather exhibit the fruit of the Spirit, primary of which is love Gal. 5:16, 22-23. We have a Helper within us unlike those in previous ages.

The Visionary Spiritual Leaders

The Archbishop and Mother of the Church

The Archbishop and Amai

The Archbishop and Amai help us see what those good works may be, that God "prepared in advance for us to do," and help us see the potential God has for us. Baba and Amai help us "press on to take hold of that for which Christ Jesus took hold" of us and not get stuck where we are or to think that we "have already obtained all this" (Phil. 3:12)


  • Archbishop is the Spiritual Father whilst Amai is the Mother figure of the Church.
  • They both promote the vision of the Church at all times, uphold and defend the principles of the Church.
  • The two anointed servants of God promote a free and fair environment and the free participation and equality of all Church members, whilst the Archbishop is the main spokesperson of the Church and is its representative.


The Church Top Leadership

The Overseers, Secretary General and Admin General are second in command from the Archbishop. They are responsible of running the Church affairs in the United Kingdom and Zimbabwe. They represent the Archbishop in all matters concerning the Church and leads the organisation in the good Spirit of the Lord, for the Church to achieve its aims and goals. The Top Leadership is supported by the Pastors in doing God's work.


  • The Overseers, Secretary General and Admin General are servants of God, who serves by leading God's people in God's truth and by proclaiming God's truth to those in and out of the covenant community and by modelling the truth of God in his walk and ministry. They are humbled before God.

Front row, from Left:

Baba Overseer Inasho, Secretary General Chingware & Admin General Mhembere

The Top Leadership














The Top Leadership helps the Church to be prepared spiritually to do those good works as "We are His workmanship."

These servants of God, help the congregants by feeding them spiritually, protecting them, comforting the church, encouraging us, warning us, and guiding us in our spiritual growth.

Baba Overseer Nyaruwanga pictured below:

The Church Overseer

The Top leadership help us by their example to remember that we must do all we do willingly in and because of love. (1 Pet. 5:2-3 and John 21:15-17).

The servants of God are models of moral integrity, purity, these pointing towards moral maturity, not perfection, but towards total submission to Jesus Christ our Savior.

Head of Church Finance

Mrs KJ.Chinner 

Head of Finance

The Church Treasurer will affirm the importance of our different perspectives, there should be a strong confidence and trust in the basic integrity and motives of the Finance Team.

She helps the church implement the tasks effectively remembering that we were "created by God to do His work." Her work is mountaneous and challenging, but rewarding before God.

She designs procedures and coordinates programs that enable the church to function effectively in financial business for the advancement of our organisation.


She considers her allegiance to God and will examine all issues in the light of His leadership, the Almighty. As the church treasurer, Mrs Chinner maintains and updates financial records of the Church as well as participating in the preparation of audited accounts for submission to the Charity Commission.

Mrs Chinner is a member of the Finance Team, hence committed to serving the members she represents. This involves sharing accurate information to all the Church members, being a representative and advocate for the members' concerns and congregational needs. She is available to answer members’ questions in her remit and listens to their comments.